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        Charter Services

        At Cathay Pacific Cargo, we pride ourselves in our abilities to cater to your charter needs 24 hours a day, every time, everywhere. You ask. We deliver.


        • We provide you with a one-stop shop customised solution everytime.

        Customised Solution

        At CX Cargo, we have built up our expertise in all areas of cargo handling over the years. You can always rely on us to deliver a customised solution without fail everytime.


        We take security seriously at CX Cargo. Aviation security is an integral part of all businesses at CX Cargo.

        Advanced Fleet

        With our advanced fleet of Boeing Freighters, rest assured that your cargo is travelling in style every time, anywhere.


        CX Cargo understands how important customer service is. Our dedicated cargo team from around the world understands local customs and local ways of doing business. Our people are our assets.

        Rest assured that you are dealing with the most professional, well trained representatives from CX Cargo at each stage of the charter sales process every time around the world.

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